Welcome to the Kandy Kitchen

The Sweetest Shop In Historic Downtown Galena

We are known locally for our “Pecan Georgies” named after our Founder, George W. Paxton. We lost George to cancer Jan. 4, 2011.

In memory of his life; his wife, Dianne wants to keep “His Dream” alive and continue his passion that he had for his confectionery with chocolates made the old-fashioned way.

Our store manager; chocolatier, Melissa, takes pride in her candy making and like her teacher, George, has become a perfectionist. She continues to follow his traditional recipes to give us a great product that is unique in quality and superior in taste.

We believe that great candy begins with the best ingredients; our traditional recipes and much skill. It is finished by our dedicated employees who cherish their work and take great pride in the process of serving our customers with complete satisfaction.

If you would like to visit our store; we are located at 100 North Main Street in a small quaint and historic town of Galena, Illinois 61036.

You can have fun and reminisce of “being a kid in a candy store”. Or you could watch our video and order online at Galena’s Kandy Kitchen or email us at galenakandykitchen@att.net or call us at (815) 777-0241.